Are you ready for shift to happen?

Is this you?

I am calling all earth mamas and city girls who have a passion for lifting others up and a desire to be in the drivers seat where their health is concerned.

Who is this woman? 

She is

  • Soulful
  • Driven
  • Influential
  • Entreprising
  • Grounded
  • Compassionate

 She has a mission of her own and no time to waste.

She knows that having the energy to fuel her passion and the understanding of where in her life she needs to trim the fat is key to making the kind of impact she desires.

Does this strike a chord in you, yet that little voice says “but I don’t have the time or energy for all that”?

Do you wake up and think “Woohoo! I am super jazzed about dragging ass, being overbooked, bloated from all the sugary treats and stressing out. Yay! This is gonna be awesome!!”

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess your hand didn’t just shoot into the air. 

But these are things I hear ALL the time from people. People who are striving to build empires, both in business and at home. They’re tired, overwhelmed, complain about bloating and weight gain, feel they don’t have time to cook (or simply don’t have any idea WHAT to eat.) They want to make an difference in the world, but who the heck has energy left over to bother?

Ending overwhelm means taking steps to change your relationship with yourself (and food!) while creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I’m here to help guide you in the process.

Let’s skip the whole dishing out of another pre-formatted diet or forcing some system that feels awkward. Instead…

It goes way beyond diet. It’s about the shit that feeds your soul. Self care. Tuning in. Being willing to put yourself first.

It’s less about health and more about healing. From the inside out.

What can you possibly do in a few short months?

Transform anything.

This is about more than simply building a new habit or how much time that takes. It’s about digging in, clearing out, going deeper, reconnecting with yourself and with the power of nature.

That’s where the juice is!

With a dash of education, a pinch of belief and a smidgen of magic, you can learn to harness the power of your intuition and seasonal systems to not just live a healthy lifestyle but actually begin to heal.

Imagine…what would life look like in 5 months if you were armed with the tools to create time at the end of your to-do list and equipped with the ability to create energy at will?

What if you could move through the year stress-free, learning how to ditch the fraud of busy so that you can begin creating your life from a place of strength, heart and purpose?

Sounds pretty freakin’ awesome, right?!


…getting through the rest of the year with less stress, more energy and feeling like you OWNED it.

If you’re ready to ditch the fraud of busy, kick dieting to the curb and really squeeze all the delicious juiciness out of life, then you’re in the right place.

You understand that creating shifts in how you feel energetically calls you to shift your perceptions of self and others, requires you to move beyond the boundaries of what you know currently to be true. It increases your awareness of the need to expand your capacity to give, to receive, to think, to feel…and to say no.

“No” to the things that no longer serve you, and YES!! to those things that feed your soul, fuel your purpose and light you up.

Sometimes it’s easy to get off track and lose sight of where you’re going. Intentions get set, goals are made and then


Life happens. And then it’s as they say…the best laid plans.

What if you could find a way to hold sacred the vows you made to yourself? If by shifting a few key things could help you to simplify, prioritize, and celebrate with each breath, each choice, in each moment? What if you no longer sat in a place of “I know what I need to do, I don’t know why I’m not doing it” and instead could know that when you put things in play, they happen. Period.

If progress (not perfection) was an ongoing thing, and the things that formerly derailed you became a thing of the past.

What would you create? What would you choose?

Better health? More energy? That book you’ve been meaning to write? Start a non-profit? Travel? Work with young people to help shape our world’s future?

Who are you when you let go of the fraud of busy and the sense of obligation?

Are you ready to find out?

I learned I can speak up for myself when it comes to being part of conversations about weight that I don’t want to be a part of. Also, learning that I can eat “decadent” food was mind-blowing. I eat the most wonderful dishes without guilt now. This is more about the relationship I have with food, respecting what it does for me, and enjoying it without guilt. Also, having compassion with myself.

Merideth B

Certified Money Coach

Before deciding to work with Naomi, I was overworked, exhausted, stressed out, unhappy, and depressed. My health was deteriorating; several chronic symptoms were present. The most alarming condition was recurring depression spells. In an average month, I was having about three spells where I stayed in bed for days at a time, isolating myself from my family.

Through our work together I learned that what I eat has a direct correlation to how I feel physically, emotionally, and mentally.

At the end of working with Naomi for six months, my depression spell has disappeared completely. That alone has lifted tremendous heaviness in my life. Today, I am happier, healthier, ten pounds lighter, exercising regularly, and my life has been enriched tenfold.


Akie T.


Living in harmony with the seasons helps to harness the power of nature. So this is an opportunity to understand eating seasonally and how certain foods impact you personally. AND it goes beyond the plate. You’re going to delve into values and priorities, goals and dreams, boundaries and self care. It’s an opportunity to create lifestyle changes to increase your energy naturally and your mood (legally) so you can step into the new year knowing you’re living full out.


What you get…


A personalized program designed to be the catalyst to move you out of old patterns, beliefs and habits that sap your energy, deflate your spirit and dull your shine. You’ll tap into what lights you up at the core, shift patterns so that they serve you to move forward, creating exactly what you want, when you want it. Life…and health!…on your terms.

Will we talk goals?
Yes! Values and goals become a touchstone, that piece that keeps you living true to your personal mission. It’s about mindset. And alignment. And creating strategies that support what you’re up to. (You ready to say good-bye to sabotage?!)

What about food?
Yep. You know we’ll talk food! That’s always a key factor.  That’s what creates the energy that allows you to not only be productive but on fire about what you’re up to. Fueling for brain power, energy, clarity of mind, etc lends itself to creating optimal health. Plus, when you feel like a million bucks, it’s easier to put on your “oh yeah, I got it goin’ on!” attitude, right?!

The framework is set up to create healthy habits that support a stress-free, joy-filled life. Together you and I will also map out the area(s) you specifically want to address. (You know, those things that have been keeping you stuck, that once shifted, will no longer be a speed bump to your achieving your goals and dreams.)


This is for you if you…

  • Are ready to ditch the fraud of “busy”
  • Know what to do, but find you don’t always do it
  • Refuse to do one more fad diet plan
  • Believe health is possible (and doesn’t require living on kale and cabbage soup)
  • Want support because the thought of another season of holiday stresses is, well…stressing you out

This is NOT for you if you…

  • Are looking for a quick fix
  • Aren’t in a space to commit to yourself and your health right now
  • Are ok with staying stuck in old stories
  • Prefer to have your conversations sugar coated

You ready?