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With the free 5 Day Seasonal Living Winter Challenge.

What if your health fueled your mission?

Are you ready for this to be the best year where you stop making excuses and finally start feeling fabulous?

Chances are you know what’s healthy, right? After all..

  •  You’re smart 
  •  You’ve managed to get yourself past the age of 25  
  •  And you have probably done the “gonna get healthy” thing before

… So why do you still deal with the frustration from the lack energy? 

The 5-Day Seasonal Living Winter Challenge will help you discover ways to:

  • Simplify healthy eating
  • Support your body seasonally
  • Uncover what’s really holding you back from feeling vibrant
  • Get your sexy back by becoming BFFs with Mother Nature 

This Challenge you are in for an extra treat! I’ve partnered up with Julie Balderama from Heart Mind Healing Arts. If you’ve done one of the Challenges before, you already recognize Seasonal Eating isn’t solely about what’s on your plate. A wellness practitioner/coach as well as Qi Gong and Tai Chi instructor and trainer, Julie masterfully incorporates living with the seasons in a way that clients are able to deepen their self care practices.


It’s time you stopped dragging butt and embraced the simplicity of energizing your body.

Here’s what people are saying about past seasonal challenges:

This challenge had me thinking about what one thing I’d like to teach my girls about health. I now look at what I have to work with at home that will be the healthiest choice, and the girls help me play a little game of, what do we have, in this moment, to make the healthiest choices for supper?

With eating more fresh fruits and vegetable…I’ve been able to track my headaches to 2-5 times a month instead of every day of life!

Michelle B.

Music Teacher

Naomi makes digging into my relationship with eating SAFE.

Our relationships with food go DEEP, and understanding why you eat the way you do and when you’re likely to run into challenges and triggers, and how to work through them is INCREDIBLY beneficial.

Example: When it feels like my youngest is pressing my buttons, I immediately crave sugar.

Now when I get an urge to reach for the sugar, I can talk myself off the ledge because I have that understanding.

Merideth B

Holistic Money Coach

The 80/20 rule reassures me that I don’t have to be perfect.

(And to that I say AMEN, SISTER! – Naomi)

Jennifer A.


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